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COMPANYNAME. is a custom home services company that serves the Anne Arundel County area. Founded in 1996, COMPANYNAME is a family-operated small business owned by Mark Good. We provide painting, carpentry, renovation, and handyman services for homebuilders, consumers, and state enterprises. Our goal is to always exceed our customers’ expectations – while meeting their service needs. We pride ourselves on our reputation and innovation in quality work and finish applications.
“Admin” Position Description
As the Op. Admin for COMPANYNAME, you will be fully engaged from day one. The role consists of administrative, clerical, and managerial tasks. The job will consist of mostly “front office” responsibilities, in addition to administrative tasks and project-based assignments. Successful candidates should be able to juggle these tasks with great organization and urgency.
The learning curve will be set at your own pace, although you will be expected to be a fast and competent learner. This job will be 100% remote, with over the phone/internet training sessions. You will be expected to have a reliable internet connection and begin answering phone calls and emails from the start. Additional training on the administrative duties will be secondary to the front office responsibilities. 

Day-to-day Expectations:
Each day we will start with a standing 10-15 minute phone meeting on tasks for the day. Other than our start up meeting at 7:30am, your time is yours throughout the day as long as you are available to take incoming phone calls and respond to emails within a timely manner. Most of the work may be conducted via an iPhone, but you will be required to have a computer to complete other administrative tasks.
Your primary duty will be to assist with daily operations and answer/respond to calls, texts, and emails while performing daily operational tasks. The workload will take ~2-3 hours in total throughout the day (7:30am-4:45pm), 1 hour of operational tasks and 1 hour combined of communication tasks. There will be tasks that will require your full attention for up to 30 minutes.

Who are we looking for
COMPANYNAME is looking for a well rounded self-starter who has some administrative and customer experience in the past. Because this job does not require your full attention it might be a good fit for: stay at home moms, gig-economy workers, etc. We are looking for someone to really own the front line customer service aspect of the company, and also be able to perform creative and quantitative tasks related to marketing, advertising,  billing, and other tasks. Candidates should have excellent customer service skills and must be outcome-oriented. Must be a fast learner and creative in regards to business systems and company procedures. Ideal candidates will be looking to grow with our company as you will be a crucial part of the implementation of improvements to our operations.

Job duties will include, but are not limited to:
Answer phones calls, texts, and customer query emails
Send Invoices, Record payments.
Ensure continuity between different web-based systems.
Assist in creating and maintaining job schedules
Assist in resolving administrative problems
Upkeeping with Facebook, Instagram posts. 
Enter receipts into an Excel spreadsheet daily.
Assist with billing and creating invoices.
Other special projects: Updating website look and information

Position Requirements
The Op. Admin role requires strong organizational, multitasking, and customer service skills. 
Administrative experience (not required but preferred)
Detailed oriented with strong analytical skills
Experienced in MS Office Suite (or Google Doc Suite)
Ability to write, speak, and interact clearly and professionally
Extremely organized
Can handle sensitive information with a high degree of integrity and confidentiality
Strong multi-tasking and time-management skill
The Remote Administrator position pays a flat rate of $350 per week for up to 15 hours of work per week. Additional hours may be assigned or required, and will be paid at a rate of $20 per hour over the flat rate. You will be responsible for time record keeping.
We would consider setting up the candidate as a 1099 contractor as long as all applicable laws and regulations are followed.
Health insurance is available through Kaiser Permanente. Health insurance is paid with pre-tax dollars and the company pays 20% of cost up to 
This position is not applicable for vacation hours
Holidays falling on a weekday will be paid


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